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Started from a mutual commitment from its founders, Absolution launches its first services at January 31st, 2011. We believe our company will grow, soar and provide the best solutions for the clients. Based in Surabaya, Absolution is offer professional expertise and in-depth knowledge of General Accepted Accounting Procedures (GAAP), Indonesian tax laws and practices. Our company includes skilled and experienced personnel, which able to capitalize opportunities available within the framework of the law. We are able to anticipate and evaluate the overall tax consequences and implications of business decisions and strategies. We are also equally well informed on international legislation and trends. Absolution has provided services to almost all nation area. Our clients include many of the nation’s leading businesses and fastest growing corporations in key sectors such as trading, manufacturing, service, property, hospitality, finance, and others.

Personal Tax Services

Personal taxation is an important thing that people often to miss.

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Corporate Tax Services

In Indonesia, every company need to comply with the prevailing tax regulations.

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International Tax Services

In an ever-increasing environment of global competition, businesses must now cope with not only the complexity of different global operating environments, but also with global tax, legislative and cor

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Transfer Pricing Services

Governments and tax authorities have long been suspicious that international companies have been able to exploit the differences that exist between the domestic tax laws of each country that haven’t k

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Merger & Acquisition Services

If you want to expand your business by considering the M & A scheme, the first thing that is needed is comprehensive knowledge regarding the potential of the transaction as well as advice from experts

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Accounting Services

Our accounting service team has many experiences to work with group auditor.

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Education & Training Services

The ever changing nature of accounting and tax regulations requires that dedicated tax accountants make their continuing education an ongoing priority.

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Tax Disputes Services

Our practice helps companies understand, anticipate and strategically respond to the Directorate General of Taxes, beginning even prior to the commencement of any controversy. Should a controversy dev

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